Magickal Mayhem!

Where it's Always Midnight in the Garden of the Goddess

A Dedication: Beltaine. .. a time for celebration.. and great fires..   and stories from times gone by.. Last year, Raven was strutting around in this plastic contraption. .....

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Raven MoonFlower

Raven MoonFlower is a practicing solitary eclectic witch . Although dedicated to the Goddess Hecate, she mainly follows the Wiccan Path with Nordic and Egyptian overtones. She believes that variety is the spice of life!! ;)

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Goldenhawk is most at home walking the beach with his constant companion, “Toohig.” .. a most opinionated dragon, and very dear friend! Nothing like a visit with those “silly gulls,” and some time spent with nature, to keep things on track!

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This web site would just not be complete without a place for Toohig. Rest assured, there would be no living with him!! .. and we certainly could not have that! Toohig is a visitor from the astral. I did no great ritual to invite him into my life.

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